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Do you know what it takes to turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied and buying customer?

Optimize the customer experience and boost sales.

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With data and analysis of both shopping and non-shopping customers, you get answers on how to deliver good customer experiences and increase sales.

Get insights that tell you about the customer's needs and wishes

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Bubbly attracts attention with its design and digital surfaces.

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Reward visible to the customer motivates them to respond/register

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Gamification and touch-screen give the customer a positive experience.

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Customer data

Valuable customer data in the form of feedback, customer club registrations and leads.

How Bubbly works

Get answers to enough questions to do deep dives into the customer experience, diagnose challenges and analyze causal relationships.

90% completed surveys with 12 question questionnaire!

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Real-Time Dashboard

Customized dashboard that makes it easy to follow what the customer thinks, in real-time. With different user levels, you can easily make data available to those who need it.

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Customized solution

We develop questionnaires and registration forms adapted to your needs.

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Our installer delivers the machine to you, and connects it to electricity and the internet.

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You fill the machine with your own prizes, or choose from our selection.

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We deliver an uptime of 99%,

and handles all support by phone and email.

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Your own customized dashboard, where you can monitor collected customer data in real time.

This is how the delivery works

Bubbly is a patented solution for quickly obtaining high-quality real-time customer data at a low cost. See how Bubbly works here.

Bubbly Feedback 

Periodic Reports

If the goal is to get better, it is an advantage to know how to develop. With periodic reports, you can see the development over time, which will help you deliver even better customer experiences.

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