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Smart IoT solution for customer feedback and customer club registration

Gamification and interaction for increased customer insight and more loyal customers

The image of the bubbly machine, web dashboard and numbers as an example of signup
The image of a magnet that attracts customers

Bubbly attracts attention and motivates customers to answer a survey or sign up for a loyalty program.

Continuous acquisition of valuable customer data

The image of the bubbly machine


Bubbly attracts attention with its design and digital surfaces.

Image of bubbly machine with a prize


Reward visible to the customer motivates them to respond/register


Gamification and touch-screen give the customer a positive experience.

Image of Bubbly admin web portal

Customer data

Valuable customer data in the form of feedback, customer club registrations and leads.

How Bubbly works

The image of the bubbly machine and a text in the right place, at the right time
  • Questionnaire with up to 12 questions

  • 90% completed surveys

  • Significant volumes and degradable information

  • Real-time dashboard

Bubbly measures the customer experience at the moment it occurs, and provides accurate answers to what customers think.

Feedback from all your customers, even those who do not shop

More members for your loyalty program or newsletter

Immediate rewards motivate customers and visitors to sign up.

  • Low costs per registration

  • Continuous acquisition of new members

  • Self-propelled and user-friendly

Someone who clicks on the bubbly machine with a prize

Use customer feedback to deliver the best customer experiences.


The image of a lady shopping

Attract more visitors to your stand, and collect more leads.

Fairs & events

Bubbly machine at an event

Listen to the customer and gain insight to optimize their services.

Service center

Image of bubbly machine

Make it easy for anyone who visits you to register their interest.

Car dealer

Image of car dealer

Customer feedback and reward as a contribution to the session


Fitness center

Image of fitness center

We have experience in various industries

Bubbly is a patented solution for quickly obtaining high-quality real-time customer data at a low cost. See how Bubbly works here.

Bubbly Feedback and Sign-up kiosk

World map with bybubbly's locations

Here we are today

We have shipped Bubbly to over 50 countries, and have active terminals in all parts of the world.

responses from non-trading customers.


questionnaire in one year.


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