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Instant rewards and self-service multi-member signup for your newsletter or loyalty program.

New members every day, all year.

The picture may be a phone that shows that bubbly has generated registrations for a customer club
The image of a trophy with various prizes inside

With continuous recruitment and a unique reward system, customers are motivated to register. This makes it possible to obtain more registrations, and reduce costs related to the acquisition of new members.

80% more subscriptions!

image of the bubbly machine


Bubbly attracts attention with its design and digital surfaces.

Image of bubbly with a prize


Reward visible to the customer motivates them to respond/register

Image of bubbly screen with click finger icon


Gamification and touch-screen give the customer a positive experience.

Image of bubbly web dashboard

Customer data

Valuable customer data in the form of feedback, customer club registrations and leads.

How Bubbly works

Get to know your customers

With Bubbly, the customer can answer questions at the same time as they register, so you can create a complete customer profile.

The image of a hand holding an email symbol with sun rays from it
Illustration of a person signing up for a newsletter

Self-service registration

Bubbly enables both shopping and non-shopping customers to sign up, leaving them undisturbed to read about the benefits of signing up.


We deliver the solution adapted to your brand and profile, and offer foiling of the machine with your design.

The image of the bubbly machines brand in different ways
Image of a laughing couple

Whether you have a customer club, newsletter or customer base, it requires the customer to leave information. Bubbly collects data in accordance with GDPR, and make it easy for the customer to accept what data they want to share with you.

Loyal customers are more profitable

Icon of a website and pen

Customized solution

We develop questionnaires and registration forms adapted to your needs.

map pin icon


Our installer delivers the machine to you, and connects it to electricity and the internet.

Gift icon


You fill the machine with your own prizes, or choose from our selection.

Support icon


We deliver an uptime of 99%,

and handles all support by phone and email.

Dashboard icon


Your own customized dashboard, where you can monitor collected customer data in real time.

This is how the delivery works

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