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Use your members' feedback to create the best experience at your centre.

Create the best experiences

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Customer feedback at the fitness center will give you valuable insight into members' needs and preferences. Identify areas for improvement, including facilities, training programs, and customer service. Show that you value their feedback and that you put the customer in focus.

Increase member loyalty with insights

Our solution gives you the tools you need to increase member loyalty. By offering members immediate rewards for their participation, you can encourage them to become active participants in your gym.

Increase member loyalty

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Customized solution

We develop questionnaires and registration forms adapted to your needs.

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Our installer delivers the machine to you, and connects it to electricity and the internet.

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You fill the machine with your own prizes, or choose from our selection.

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We deliver an uptime of 99%,

and handles all support by phone and email.

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Your own customized dashboard, where you can monitor collected customer data in real time.

This is how the delivery works

Use collected data from your members to optimize the customer experience. This can help create stronger relationships with your members, and increase the likelihood that they will remain loyal.

Follow up and build strong relationships

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By analyzing the data you collect, you can offer personalized training programs and services that meet your members' individual needs.

Personal adaptation

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