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Bubbly attracts attention with its design and digital surfaces.

Get´s attention

Stylish design

Attracts attention


User friendly

The image of the bubbly machine in a shop
The picture of the machine with prize

Motivates to answer

The reward motivates customers to start and complete a survey, or to sign up for a customer club.

You decide the chance of winning, and choose which prizes the machine should be filled with.

Chances of winning

Bubbly is filled with prizes, which are visible to the customer under a transparent plexiglass.


A touch screen with a questionnaire or registration form makes it easy for everyone to share feedback or register. Once they have completed, they get to participate in fun games, such as Wheel of Fortune, with the possibility of immediate rewards. This helps to engage the customer, and contributes positively to the customer experience.

Gamification engages

picture of a three in a row game
A gif of how the wheel of fortune works on the bubbly machine
An illustration of different statistics on a PC and tablet

Bubbly collects responses and entries from everyone, including those who do not shop.

Rewards and gamification make it possible to ask more questions to the customer, which gives you huge amounts of high-quality data.


Bubbly achieves 90% completed registrations, and makes collected data available to you in a real-time dashboard.

Customer data

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