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Bubbly ensures that everyone who visits your car dealership registers their interest.

Don't miss a potential customer

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Direct communication with the customer

By gathering feedback from those who visit your showroom, you can understand exactly what customers are looking for. This gives you valuable insights that can be used to adapt your offers and improve the customer experience.

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It is no surprise that most people who visit a car dealership intend to buy a car. Where they are in the buying process will vary, in the same way as what needs and wishes they have. With Bubbly at the exit of your premises, uncover where they are in the process and what they are looking for in a car.

With the intention of buying a car

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Customized solution

We develop questionnaires and registration forms adapted to your needs.

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Our installer delivers the machine to you, and connects it to electricity and the internet.

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You fill the machine with your own prizes, or choose from our selection.

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We deliver an uptime of 99%,

and handles all support by phone and email.

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Your own customized dashboard, where you can monitor collected customer data in real time.

This is how the delivery works

Bubbly is a self-service solution that motivates visitors to register their interest. It continuously collects new leads, which you can use to increase sales.

New leads, every day, all year

Data-driven decisions

By analyzing the data you collect, you can make data-driven decisions about which cars to market and how to improve your services.

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