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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes/ No question: Did you get a Hello when you arrived at the store today?

    Multiple choice: What is the reason you did not shop today?

    Scale: How satisfied are you with the experience today, on a scale from 0-10?

    Free text: Which product were you looking for?

    Read more about how customer surveys can be used to create more satisfied and buying customers.

  • A customer survey template is a pre-designed structure that includes questions and answer options that can be customized to collect specific information from customers. We offer several different customer survey templates, and develop the final survey together with you, so that it provides the insight you are looking for.

  • Bubbly collects responses the moment the customer experience occurs, and receives responses from both shopping and non-shopping customers, which gives insight into what the customers actually think.

    This helps companies improve customer service, products, services and customer experiences.

  • When the Bubbly terminal is placed on a stand, it attracts attention, which leads to more people visiting your stand. It has a reward system that provides immediate rewards and motivates visitors to sign up for your contact form or newsletter.

  • A feedback kiosk is a self-service terminal that makes it easy for customers to give feedback on the spot. This can be in a shop, restaurant or other business premises. Bubbly is a patented feedback kiosk, and the only kiosk that motivates customers to respond by means of immediate rewards.

  • Bubbly's reward system motivates and engages the customer to register for a customer club. Using instant rewards, it contributes to 80% more sign-ups, and enables non-shopping customers to sign up as well.

  • Bubbly measures customer satisfaction with an interactive feedback solution that includes feedback from everyone, including non-shoppers. Customers can give immediate feedback after experiences such as purchases, store visits or service use. This provides a more accurate approach to measuring customer satisfaction.

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